Truma LPG heating systems lengthen the season on the water. The comfort-conscious skipper knows the value of having pleasant temperatures below deck.

A Trumatic E boat heating system heats, ventilates and dries out your boat cleanly, quietly and economically. The integrated fan is fitted with a flexible duct system for selective heat distribution. Also available for vehicle applications.

Every Trumatic E works with the minimum current consumption, so it is extremely kind to your batteries (e.g. Trumatic E 2800 set on half heat, about 6 watts). Thanks to the high level of efficiency, up to 97% of the energy is used.

The built in thermostat keeps the temperature regulated according to the wishes of the skipper and his crew. All that you need to do is select the required room temperature and operating level on the control panel.

With housings in tough plastic and optimum heat insulation, the Trumatic E offers a trouble-free installation.

The control panel with its integrated thermostat is located in the cabin.

Another pleasing feature is the system's super-quiet operation. The powerful fan can hardly be heard when it is operating. This guarantees the whole crew a peaceful night's sleep. The reliable operation of the Trumatic E is a matter of course. LPG burns with practically no residues, so there are no maintenance costs or periods when the boat has to be taken out of operation.

The Trumatic E is available in three different versions, the E 2400, E 2800 and E 4000. Each model can be supplied for connection to either a 12v or 24v supply. Installation can be either in the cabin or outside using the appropiate model.

Trumatic E 2400 E 2800 E 4000/E 4000 A
Gas type LPG (propane/butane)
Operating pressure Either 30 or 50 mbar
Rated thermal output 2400 W * 1200 W ** 2800 W * 1400 W ** 3900 W * 1950 W **
Gas consumption 200 g/h* 100 g/h ** 225 g/h * 113 g/h ** 310 g/h * 150 g/h **
Current consumption (12 V version) 1,1 A* 0,6 A ** 0,8 A * 0,5 A ** 2,0 A * 1,0 A **
Current consumption (24 V version) 0,7 A * 0,4 A ** 0,6 A * 0,4 A *** 1,06 A * 0,6 A **
Rest current 12 V (24V) <0,01 A
Volume fow of fan 130 m3/h * 77 m3/h ** 140 m3/h * 70 m3/h ** 190 m3/h * 120 m3/h **
Weight 4,7 kg 10 kg 10 kg

Prices exclude VAT (A - external)

Call 01794 523999 for pricing E2800    Call 01794 523999 for pricing E4000     Call 01794 523999 for pricing
E4000A  Call 01794 523999 for pricing

* Full Load - ** Partial Load


Part No. Description List Price*
1003 Truma E2400 one outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1004 Truma E2400 two outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1005 Truma E2400 three outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1006 Truma E2800 two outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1007 Truma E2800 three outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1017 Truma E2800 four outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1008 Truma E4000 three outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1009 Truma E4000 four outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing
1010 Truma E4000 five outlet kit Call 01794 523999 for pricing

*all prices exclude VAT.
All Truma kits include hull flue fitting.
Deck flue available at extra cost.
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