The Trumatic C is the right piece of equipment for providing independance and luxury. The compact appliance provides both warmth and hot water, fully automatically with electronic control and monitoring.

A comprehensive parts program offers an individually designed warm air distribution in every type of boat and makes sure that you have warmth where you need it - evenly distributed via a duct system to outlets placed at optimum points throughout the boat.

The new remote contol for the electrical safety/drainage valve now offers a better operating convenience. A LED informs you at any time if the electrical safety/drainage valve (Elasi) is open or closed.

The trumatic C can be operated with a timer.

All versions available to suit vehicle applications.


  • compact, concealed installation
  • combined combustion air and exhaust gas routing (optionally to the side or above deck)
  • two power ratings: 4000 W or 6000 W
  • fan-assisted gas burner for reliable operation while under way or moored up
  • low energy consumption as a result of high efficiency (up to 97%)
  • thermostat controlled shut-off and re-ignition
  • automatic switching to the required burner stage
  • low current input (12 V):
    0.2-4.7 A (C 4002), Blower O.9 A
    0.2-4.5 A (C 6002), Blower 1.1 A
  • Gas consumption:
    170-285 g/h (C 4002)
    170-490 g/h (C 6002)
  • simple operation by full electronic control
  • electronic monitoring of all functions
  • heating operation also possible wthout water
  • large water tank (12 litres)
  • automatic heating of water to 60°C in the cold season
  • water temperature adjustable to 40°C or 60°C in summer operation
  • integrated fan with 4 warm air outlets
  • individually designed warm air distribution through comprehensive parts program
  • optionally available with timer (lowering temperature at night)
  • special version with electric heater element for the boiler (230 V, 450 W)


Part No. Description List Price*
33313-01 Truma Combi 12L 4002 LPG water/air** Call 01794 523999 for pricing
33333-01 Truma Combi 12L 4002 230v /LPG water/air** Call 01794 523999 for pricing
33612-01 Truma Combi 12L 6002 LPG water/air** Call 01794 523999 for pricing
33632-01 Truma Combi 12L 6002 230v /LPG water/air** Call 01794 523999 for pricing
*all prices exclude VAT.
** Truma flue kits to be ordered seperately