The Truma boiler provides a totally independant flow of hot water with optional mains heating element for any caravan or motorhome.

Operated with the clean energy form, LPG, the unit is maintenance-free as well as being economical to run. This makes the Truma boiler a particularly attractive proposition.

The tank is made of stainless steel WNr. 1.4571 (V4A) which makes it especially stable and not prone to corrosion. It is also suitable for food use. It is safe up to high pressures, so that all immersion and pressure pumps can be used.

The compact design (the 10 litre version is only 26 cm high) and combined exhaust and combustion air intake pipe makes it possible to install the unit in the most restricted of spaces.

Thanks to the highly efficient gas burner, heating up times are very short (see table).

The control unit is used for switching on and off, as well as for pre-setting the temperature (30°C TO 70°C). This is mounted on a wall, in an easily accessible spot.

The boiler operates without a pilot light and is very sparing in its energy consumption. If the water temperature drops, the automatic electronic ignition relights the system.

All versions available to suit marine applications.


Water tank capacity 10 or 14 litres
Water pressure up to 2,8 bar max.
Output Gas burner: 1500 watts
Gas type LPG (propane/butane)
Operating pressure either 30 or 50 mbar
Gas consumption 120 g/h
for 10 l water: 64g
for 14 l water: 92g
Heating up time Cold water temp 15°C
heated up to 70°C:
for 10 l: approx. 35 minutes
for 14 l: approx. 50 minutes
Voltage 12 V DC
Current consumption Heating up: 3 W
Standby: 0,5 W
Weight 10 l boiler: approx. 6,7 kg (empty)
14 l boiler: approx. 7,3 kg (empty)
Water connections Pressure-tight hot water hose
(Truma SBH special hose) or rigid pipes (Ø 10 mm)
Option Electric heating element 230 V, 450 W


Part No. Description List Price*
73000-01 Truma 10 litre LPG Water Heater Call 01794 523999 for pricing
73400-21 Truma 10 litre 230v /LPG Heater Call 01794 523999 for pricing
73010-01 Truma 14 litre LPG Water Heater Call 01794 523999 for pricing
73410-21 Truma 14 litre 230v /LPG Heater Call 01794 523999 for pricing
*all prices exclude VAT.
** Truma flue kits to be ordered seperately